Nutritional therapy

How can nutritional therapy help me?

Do you have a specific health issue you would like to address or perhaps you are looking to boost overall wellbeing?  Nutritional therapy can help restore balance in body and mind.   

Whether you have an autoimmune issue, hormone imbalance or are looking to boost overall health, good nutrition and a happy gut can revolutionise how you feel. 

Helen uses a scientific, evidence based approach, combined with naturopathic knowledge to give you a complete wellness plan. 

How can nutritional therapy help?

What you eat can affect every part of your body and that means nutritional therapy can help with a wide range of issues. 

The Gate specialises in the following areas:  

  • Digestive issues and gut health e.g. 
    • IBS and IBD
    • Bloating, reflux and discomfort
    • Constipation or diarrhorea 
  • Autoimmune diseases and associated disorders e.g
    • Sjogrens Syndrome
    • SLE (Lupus)
    • Hashimoto's
  • Skin health and disorders e.g.
    • Rosacea
    • Psoriasis
    • Acne
  • Type 2 diabetes and metabolic syndrome
  • Chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia

What's the process? 

Once you book an appointment, Helen will send you a brief health questionnaire and food diary to complete prior to your visit. 

In the initial consultation, we review your health goals together, medical history and identify short term vs. longer term wins.

Helen will then create your bespoke plan and email this to you. She's always happy to have a 15 minute run through over the phone if anything is unclear. 


We then meet for follow up appointments as necessary. Generally we suggest a 6 month protocol with c. 4-5 visits during that time (although this can be more or less depending on the challenges and goals).    

What you'll receive

  • A bespoke nutrition and wellness plan
  • A selection of tasty recipes aligned with your specific dietary requirements / plan
  • Review of current scientific evidence to develop a plan with academic backing
  • Recommended supplements and tests (where applicable)
  • Professional and caring support
  • Plan is delivered within 48hrs of your consultation
  • 15 minute follow up call to run through any questions you have about the initial plan

Prices and Packages

  • Initial consultation (1-1.5hr):

                                   £120 in Beckenham, Bromley or via Skype

                                   £150 in Islington or Westminster

  • Follow up consultation (30-40 mins): 

                                   £80 in Beckenham, Bromley or via Skype

                                   £90 in Islington and Westminster

Price available on request for bespoke Health Packages

6 week Health Kick

  • Includes an initial + 1 follow up consultation
  • Focus on boosting energy, feeling and looking lighter and brighter               

3 month Health Reboot

  • Includes an initial consultation + 2 follow up appointments
  • Addressing more specific symptoms as determined by your needs
  • Mid-term focus for overall health and wellness
  • Also includes plan and recipe updates as you progress
  • Review at the end of 3 months to see if further sessions are required

6 month Health Goals 

  • Includes an initial consultation + 4-5 follow up appointments + interim support calls
  • Addressing longer-term chronic conditions
  • This allows time for the body to heal and grow stronger 
  • Also includes plan and recipe updates as you progress
  • Review at the end of 6 months to see if further sessions are required


Home visits can be arranged for South / SE London and Kent borders

Office visits (at your place of work) can be arranged for Central, South / SE London or Kent borders 


Plant-based nutrition

There are so many dietary labels out there: vegan, plant-based, flexitarian; these are all about separating yourself from others: where's the camaraderie?


Adopting a PLANT-BASED MINDSET is inclusive - it applies if you eat animal products or not. 

This is all about thinking first of vegetables, legumes and pulses, wholegrains, nuts, seeds and fruit rather than making meat or animal products the focus of meals. 

What sort of things does having a plant-based nutrition mindset cover? 

  • Have you been thinking about moving to a more plant-focused diet? 
  • Perhaps you are already vegan but suffering some side effects of a dietary change? 
  • Or are you interested in innovative ways to get more veggies into you and your family?

Science tells us that it's beneficial to include a broad range of plant-based wholefoods in our diet but what does that really mean in practice? 

Whether you are someone looking to up-weight the amount of veggies you and your family eat, thinking about becoming vegan but don't know where to start, or have transitioned to a plant-based lifestyle but aren't sure if you've got the balance right then Helen can help. 

With an additional diploma in vegan nutrition, Helen can help navigate this sometimes confusing landscape to make sure you feel fresh and fabulous. 

Get in touch to discuss your requirements and we can work out a plan which best suits. 



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